2016 Annual Report

Code of Practice for the Irish Statistical System

Annual Report of the Director General



This is the 4th annual report since the launch of the Irish Statistical System Code of Practice (ISSCoP) in 2013. ISSCoP is a key step in further strengthening the governance and quality of Irish official statistics. 

Once again during 2016 there was considerable cooperation between the CSO and Government Departments and Government Agencies in terms of building commitment to best practice in the production of Official Statistics under ISSCoP. There are now twelve organisations that have signed ISSCoP Statements of Commitment and appointed their Statistical Coordinators under the Code.

During 2017 organisations that have not yet signed up will be encouraged and supported to complete Statements of Commitment to the Code. It is also expected that a number of the organisations already signed-up will be in a position to complete the ISSCoP Self-Assessment Questionnaire in 2017. This will allow further assessment and development of their level of compliance with the principles of the code.

A new Statistical System Coordination Directorate was established in the CSO in mid- 2016. This new Directorate is tasked with the creation of the necessary coordination framework that will support the broader statistical system and facilitate the CSO to meet its national and EU legislative requirements into the future.  Part of this role involves the development of assurance mechanisms to monitor compliance with the Irish Statistical System Code of Practice by all compilers of Official Statistics and compliance by all compilers of European Statistics with the European Statistics Code of Practice and the legislative requirements set out in the amended Regulation (EC) 223/2009.

CSO is very appreciative of the ongoing support it has received again during 2016 from colleagues throughout the public service with respect to the implementation of this important initiative. This support strengthens our Irish Statistical System. On behalf of CSO I look forward to continuing this collaboration with all our partners in the coming years.


Pádraig Dalton

Director General

Central Statistics Office